Appraisals and Performance Management

The annual appraisal in an organisation is a very important time of the year, it allows employees to talk to their bosses, learning and developing their skills and also it allows the bosses to find out how objectives have faired and whether everyone has performed to a high enough standard. Not only does it help with performance, but it is a way to interact and make employees feel more motivated, as it gives them an opportunity to talk to people higher up than them. Its a way of sharing understanding and building upon experiences.

Objectives of an Appraisal

The following defines why the need of appraisals is there and why we use them so often in today’s organisations.

  1. To help see what individuals skills and potential is, allowing a company to build a database which they can look into and see people who are right for the job, quickly, helping efficiency.
  2. Allows an organisation to see the performance of each person, and depending on that performance take appropriate action, such as rewards or punishments.
  3. To provide the individual employee with information regarding their performance. This feedback can then be used so that they can identify their strength and weaknesses.
  4. Finally it helps to make objectives, both for the organisation and the individual themselves.

Take a Deeper Look

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